Boiler BA120LPV


  • The storage tank is made from stainless steel, this fact assure 10 years medium lifetime through the corrosion resistance
  • Must be attached to a boiler which produce domestic hot water
  • Results an assembly: gas boiler – storage tank with a superior efficiency and an utilisation at a larger scale: can be coupled at bithermal and monothermal boilers
  • Storage and maintain the setting temperature of domestic hot water
  • Compact product which incorporate the safety elements: expansion vessel (8l), safety valve (8 bar) and control elements: control panel (composed from an thermostat and a thermometer) and temperature sensors
  • Supplementary anti-corrosion protection, assured by magnesium anode, which have the role of CA and MG ions attracting
  • The user needs only to connect the storage tank at the gas boiler, because of incorporated elements and accessories

Main components:

Technical Data

Denomination Storage tank
Type BA120LPV
Maximum level of noise < 50 dB(A)
Capacity of storage domestic hot water 120 litters
Maximum pressure of domestic hot water 8 bar
Test hydraulic pressure 12 bar
Recommended maximum input pressure 5 bar
Recommended maximum temperature domestic hot water 65°C
Flow values domestic hot water 16.5l / min. (Δt = 30°C)
Storage minimum temperature 5°C
Expanssion vessel with membrane 8 littres
Electric characteristics 230V/50Hz – 135W
Netto weight (without water) 61 kg
Grosso weight (with water)

181 kg

Inlet domestic cold water 3/4″
Outlet domestic hot water 3/4″ 
Outlet/Inlet circulating water 3/4″
Depth (mm) 633
Length (mm) 500
Height (mm) 1105

Support / Manuals

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