MKDens25 – C38GC25

Wall hung gas boiler
The total condensing technology efficiency 25 KW


  • The top model in the range of MOTAN boilers;
  • Friendly environment- during operation releases significantly reduced amounts of Nox, CO and CO2- class Nox5;
  • Designed and built for maximum operating efficiency and economy according to the latest European legislative requirements – low energy pump;
  • Rated pressure sensor- provides intelligent protection against overpressure or low pressure;
  • The possibility of connecting a chrono-thermostat, remote control panel and/or external temperature probe;
  • Maximum efficiency: the boiler operates in a condensing system in the range 3-25 kW – EFFICIENCY CLASS – 4 stars **** (dir.92/42/EEC);
  • STAINLESS STEEL main heat exchanger;
  • High comfort on hot water regime: oversized secondary exchanger with 26 plates- classified 3 stars *** (EN 13203) on Domestic Hot Water comfort;
  • Installation ventilation function- the circulation pump operates on demand outside the burning cycle, for the easy ventilation of the installation
  • Control panel with LCD display, that provides an evolved graphical interface and switch keys;
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Technical data

Tip C38GC25 MKDens25
Efficiency stars(dir. 92 / 42 / CEE) ****
DHW efficiency symbol clasa-energetica-a
CH efficiency symbol clasa-energetica-a
Draught type forced, variable speed fan
Gaz type G20, G25, G25.1, G31
Nox class 5
NET maximum heat flow – heating(G20) 3.7 – 33.9 kW
Maximum usable power (80°/60°C)(G20) 32.8 kW
Maximum usable power(50°/30°C)(G20) 35.8 kW
Output performance at nominal heat input at(80°/60°C)(G20) 96.57%
Output performance at nominal heat input at(50°/30°C)(G20) 105.6%
Maximum nominal fuel consumption(G20) 3.59 mc/h
Nominal pressure – supply, power nominal G20 – 20 mbar
Electrical characteristic – supply, power nominal 230VAC/50Hz- 81W
Protection class IP 40
Class of electrical protection Clasa I
Weight 36 Kg
Capacity heat exchanger ˜1,8 l
Central heating(CH):  
Minimum and maximum admitted pressure 0,8 and 3 bar
Temperature on the heating circuit 30° – 80 °C
Temperature on the floor heating circuit 15° – 45°C
Inlet – outlet heating circuit 3/4″
Inlet cold water – outlet domestic hot water 1/2″
Gas suply 3/4″
Depth (mm) 390
Length (mm) 412
Height (mm) 721
With elbow (mm) 890
Expansion vessel (with membrane) 71
Domestic hot water (DHC):  
Temperature DHC instant mode 30° – 60 °C
Flow DHC at temperature t = 35°C 15,7 l/min
Temperature burned gases ˜69°C
Connection burned gases (admission – exhausting) 100/ 60- kit coaxial
80/ 80 – kit dual
Length exhausting burned gas pipe max 20 m- kit coaxial
max 20 m – kit dual
Exhausting type C13, C33, C33x, C43, C53, C83

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