OPTIMUS Wall hung gas boiler
Optimized gas consumption wall hung gas boiler
24 KW
1. Raised constant efficiency
2. Reduced expenditure of energy
3. ''Optimus system'' permits, through a rigurous combustion control, an annual money saving of 5% in comparison with the traditional boilers.
4. Wall hung gas boiler easy to install due to its reduced size
5. Flame electronic ignition and modulation
6. Primary heat exchanger and secondary heat exchanger with 14 plates
7. Continuous modulation gas valve
8. Flowmeter to detect the domesctic hot water debit
9. NTC temperature sensors with ultra-fast respond on the heating and domestic hot water circuits
10. 3-way gas valve
11. LCD display control panel assures a highly efficient grafic interface and switch pads.
12. Different work modalities for customers and plumbers as well
13. Crono-thermostat and temperature external device connection option
14. Gas boiler discharge valve
15. « Comfort function » permits the customer not to mix hot water with cold water, and only to open the hot water tap
16. Low noxes emissions – 3-th class Nox on natiral gas and 2 on LPG, category II2H3B/P

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Technical Data

Commercial name OPTIMUS
Energy efficiency symbol ***
Usable gas category II2H3B/P; II2ELL38/P
(GN-G20, G25; GPL-G30/G31)
Flue Forced
Burning room Air-tight
Maximim power efficiency 92%
Class NOx 3
Rated power (min/max) 24 kW
Rated power 10 kW
Gas pressure in the network (on the regulator) 20mbar
Rated maximum fuel GN consumption 2.52 Nmc/h
Maximum pressure on the thermal circuit 0.5-3 bar
Maximum pressure on the house hot water circuit 0.2-8 bar
Maximum temperature on the thermal circuit 30÷80 ºC
Temperature on the house hot water circuit 30÷55 ºC
Hot water flow Δt = 30ºC 10l/min
Electric characteristics  
Input ~230V/, 50Hz
Nominal power (EEI pump <0.2) 80 W
Construction characteristics


Height (mm) 700
Width (mm) 436
Depth (mm) 303
Height with mounted corner 850
Weight 32
Capacity primary heat switch 0.5 l
     Thermal input, output ¾”
     Cold water input, house hot water output ½”
     Gas input ¾”
Expansion vessel with membrane 7 l
Air / gas incoming / outgoing pipes Co-axial – Ø100/Ø60
Dual – Ø80 **
Length of burnt gases pipe Co-axial – maximum 3m**
Dual – maximum 5m**
Burnt gases (maximum temperature) ~150ºC
Class of electric protection Class I
Protection class IP 40

Support / Manuals

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