• Wall-mounted boiler with forced draft C17 MT SPV 31 MEF
  • High, constant efficiency
  • Low power consumption
  • “Optimus” system which allows an annual saving up to 5%, by means of a severe burning control, comparing with the traditional boilers
  • boiler easy to be mounted due to the small boiler sizes electronic ignition and modulation of the flame
  • plate main heat exchanger and secondary heat exchanger
  • continuous modulating gas valve
  • flowmeter for detecting the DHW discharge
  • NTC temperature sensors with ultra-rapid response on the heating and DHW circuits
  • 3-way gas valve
  • control board with LCD display providing a graphical evaluated interface and switch keys
  • different operating modes for the user and the installer
  • the possibility of connecting a chronothermostat or an external temperature probe
  • discharge valve of the boiler
  • “Comfort” function allowing the user not combine the hot water with the cold water anymore necessary for shower but open only the DHW tap

Safety systems:

  • safety relief valve protects the boiler against high pressures which exceed 3 bar
  • water pressure sensor in the central heating equipment
  • air pressure switch providing the discharge of products of combustion in safety conditions
  • safety thermostat for the heat exchanger at overheating
  • electronic board which provides reaching the wanted temperature and guarantees the boiler safety running
  • extreme self-checking system
  • anti-frost system
  • anti-chalkstone deposits system
  • every 24 acting pump anti-blocking system
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Technical Data

Denomination C17 SPV 31 MEF
Type C17 SPV 31 MEF
No. of type homologation certificate CE
Draft Forced
Burning chamber Sealed
Maximum load efficiency 93%
Minimum load efficiency 92%
Effective thermal power (min/max) 13 – 31 kW
Burner rated load (min/max) 14.8 – 33.17 kW
Pressure of the gas  
Natural gas at the connection (after the reducing device) 20 mBar
Natural gas at the inlet- maximum permitted pressure) 35 mBar
LPG 30-37 mBar
Supply voltage 230 VAC, 50Hz
Absorbed electrical power 160 W
Weight 45 kg
Capacity of the heat exchanger 1.8 l
Fuel consumption – natural gas (8500Kcal/Nm3) at maximum power 3.34 – 1.40 Nm3/h
Fuel consumption – LPG (20425Kcal/Kg) at maximum power 1.38 – 0.58 kg/h
Thermal heating  
Admitted maximum and minimum pressure 0.5 and 3 Bar
Temperature on the heating circuit 40 – 80°C
     inlet-outlet heating ¾
     inlet-outlet hot domestic water ½
     gas feeding ¾
Depth (mm) 330
Width (mm) 435
Height (mm) 700
Width the elbow installed (mm) 855
Expansion vessel with membrane 8 l
Domestic hot water (DHW) preparing unit  
Range of temperature- DHW 30-60°C
Values of the flow rate  
     ΔT = 25ºC 17.8 l/min
     ΔT = 35ºC 12.7 l/min
     ΔT = 45ºC 9.9 l/min
Pressure of the domestic cold water 0.2-8 Bar
Temperature of the combustion gases 147ºC
Combustion gases connections (inlet-outlet) Ø100 / Ø60

Support / Manuals

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