Green24 C34-24

Efficiency till 104% at affordable prices

• High and constant efficiency;
• Projected for maximum efficiency and economy according with the last European normative – low energy circulation pump – EFFICIENCY CLASS –A – 4 stars (norm 92/42/CEE);
• High confort on domestic hot water circuit; oversized brazed plate heat exchanger – classified 3 stars (EN13203) on confort DHW;
• Wall hung gas boiler easy to install due to its reduced size;
• Flowmeter for domestic hot water flow debit;
• Advanced pressure sensor – assure intelligent protection at overpressure and low pressure;
• Control panel LCD which assure a evaluated graphical user interface;
• User and service operation mode;
• Possibility of connection for: cronothermostat and external temperature sensor;
• Air vent installation mode – the circulation pump operates beside the burning mode, as so to air vent the installation;

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Technical Data

Nox class3

Tip C34GV24 Green 24 C34GV28 Green 28
Efficiency stars(dir. 92 / 42 / CEE) ****
DHW efficiency symbol A
Draught type forced, variable speed fan
Nox class 3
Thermic efficienty at nominal power(60°/80°C) 97% 97%
Thermic efficienty at nominal power (30°/50°C)
104% 104%
Nominal pressure – supply gas G20 – 20 mbar
Electrical characteristics – supply, power nominal 230VAC/50Hz – 80W
Protection class IP40

Support / Manuals

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