About ErP/ELD

Following the Kyoto Protocol, the European Community has imposed the implementation known as climate target 20 -20 -20 – European Energy Plan.
Explained, this objective aims 20% reduction in exhaust emissions with greenhouse effect, of reduction with 20% of electricity consumption and 20% of the insurance of European energy coming from renewables.
To implement the objective ‘European Energy Plan’ a series of directives and implementing regulations were issued by the European Community, with direct application in all Member States of the European Union, including in Romania.
Thus, beginning with September 26, 2015 all the equipment for heating and domestic hot water, as well as systems that include multiple devices of this type, must meet European directives: Directive ErP – Directive for Eco-Design and ELD Directive – Directive on Energy Labelling of products.
Our products are energy-related products and comply with the requirements of the two directives. 
Depending on the type of equipment, choose here the correspondence energy label and the product data sheet.

How to read energy labels:
Energy labels highlight energy efficiency class for the two functions of the boiler: heating and providing hot water, and other information that may be useful to end users in selecting the most effective product with the lowest environmental impact (eg, power and energy consumption, noise etc.). If it is desired to increase the energy efficiency of the system, this can be achieved by connecting other items and accessories. In this case, it is issued a tag for the entire system in addition to specific product label.
Click here to see a type/model of energy label

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