BP120L-V1 – DHW Storage cylinder with single coil

• Equipped with Mixing Valve kit with anti-damping function.
• The body of the cylinder and the corrugated coil pipe are made from 316L stainless steel and the welds are made by TIG process, witch confer by corrosion resistance a longlife operation time, which also complies with all the DHW regulations.
• Another element that contributes decisevely to the corrosion resistance is the PASSIVATION process of the welding seams;
• BP120L-V1 DHW storage cylinder with single coil, is intended for preparing and storing hot water hygienically comfortable and economicaly, using energy from the sollar collectors or boiler and / or electric immersion heater. The boiler is equipped to run only upright both on the ground or fixed on the wall;
• Temperature losses are considerably reduced, due to the use of a high quality insulation, from polyurethane foam.
• Heating a large volume of water due to surface of the corrugated coil pipe reaching to the bottom of the cylinder;
• It can be used in the bivalent preparation of domestic hot water, combination betwen a boiler and electric immersion heater.

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Technical Data



DHW Storage Cylinder


BP120L V1

Maximum temperature DHW


Maximum temperature on the primary circuit


Working pressure on the HDW circuit

5 bar



Depth (mm):


Length (mm): 


Height (mm):


Total weight

≈50 kg

Thermal agent capacity

3,5 liters

Coil heating surface

1,92 m²



Coil, thermal agent flow connection

3/4 “

Coil, thermal agent return connection

3/4 “

Cold water input, hot water output

3/4 “

Electrical heater

1,1/4 “

Support / Manuals

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